Crematoriums/Funeral Homes

imagesContemporary Refining and Recycling Solutions (CRRS), located in Wheeling, IL, is a family owned industrial refiner proudly serving crematoriums and funeral homes in North America.  We provide the answer to the often asked question: “What does my facility do with post cremation metals?”

CRRS works with cremationists to create a simple, streamlined, eco-friendly and clear cut recycling process .  CRRS exists to not only educate our clients, but to form a partnership based on providing the best possible return for your material. We pride ourselves in recycling the materials in a responsible fashion.

In addition to the fairest payouts in the industry, CRRS provides complimentary containers for your materials and takes care of all shipping expenses. (FedEx Ground).

CRRS has almost a decade of experience in the industry. We employ ICP Analysis, Atomic Absorption, and Fire Assay to accurately reflect your material’s value down to parts per million.  Our turnaround time is second to none in the industry.

Proceeds from your material can be made payable to the business or to the charitable organization of your choosing.